Welcome to the aKingi org site.


We are creating a new community of developers to produce free and open source software for Windows, Linux, Mac and mobile platforms.

Do you want to help us? Here's what you can do to contribute.

1 - Download and use

Obviously, the first and simple way to support us is to download and use our projects. To do this, just go to the Project Project page, choose the software you want to use, download from the official links provided on every page, install them, enjoy! Don't forget to install the aKingi toolbar, that let you use some cool features directly in your browser and to support us. The support for our little organization is fundamental to leave our project free and to let us stay alive.

2 - Join the community - develop with us

Are you a free developer? Do you know C# or Visual Basic? Are you able to turn on the computer at least? Do you know english and want to translate one of our projects in your language? So you can join the developement community. We are looking for programmers, informatic engineers, beta testers, translaters and web designers. If you are interested in please register or compile the form to contact us.

Our programs will be forever free. But to create softwares without asking anything requires time, patience and much, much money. We want to have a better hosting solution, faster and more efficent than this one. These costs are partially covered by the ads we show on most of our projects, even if we plan to remove them when the donation system will be able to fully meet the needs of our organization. So please consider donating if you like our projects, even a small amout could help us providing a better and more optimized service. You can use the relative page or the box shown laterally. We also turn a part of the donation received to some open source projects such as FFMPEG, Maxima, aria2c, etc...

4 - Share and send to a friend

We stay in almost all social networks (also our one, akingi.com). You can use the plugins shown laterally to follow us or to click on the like button. This is a way to demonstrate your appreciation and to spread our philosophy and our projects in the world.


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